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Impressive plating techniques from the experts


We’ve turned to the experts in their field for advice on how to plate up a perfectly-presented meal.

The art of preparing a great meal is an achievement within itself, but how about plating it like a pro? That’s a must!

This week, we’ve turned to the experts in their field for advice on how to plate up a perfectly-presented meal - something your dinner guests will be oh-so impressed with!

1. Start with the plate

Many renowned chefs and foods stylists claim that the first thing you should look at when plating food is to start with the actual plate

Ditch the simple, white crockery and serve the meals you’ve slaved over on interesting, conversation-inducing options, like slate boards or unique serving trays.

What you eat your meal off is just as important as the meal itself!

2. Serve in odd numbers

Don’t ask us why, but successful chefs and stylists sing the praises of serving meal items in odd numbers

It’s commonly stated that even numbers of items look unappealing to diners, while odd numbers do just the opposite. 

Yes, the psychology of food is truly intriguing, so improve your chances of your meal being a success by serving three of those tasty Spanish churros on your guest’s dessert plate - not four. 

3. Contrasting colours are a must

Almost every expert in the art of how to plate a meal has this same tip in common - always use contrasting colours when arranging food, as this is when food looks the most appealing. 

This is why pasta, which otherwise looks bland and uninteresting on its own, looks so delicious when the plate is first garnished with a simple, contrasting tomato-based sauce and a sprig of green parsley as a garnish. 

Olive oil is also a great way to begin, simply by zig-zagging some of the oil across the plate before commencing adding layers. 

4. Don’t forget the add-ons!

The cutlery, linens and glasses on the table is an extension of the meal, just as much as the plate itself.

Make sure glasses are spotless and fingerprint-free, the linens are pressed, clean and simple and the cutlery is appealing as well. Matte black and rose gold cutlery sets are popular with food stylists now - and will gain points over traditional, boring silver sets.

Now you are an expert in how to plate a meal like a pro! How did you go?