Our long journey of expertise

With almost two centuries of rich history behind us, La Española is proudly recognised as the oldest olive oil company in Spain and has grown to become a trusted world leader in quality olive oil.

Green olive

A Rich History

Since our creation in 1840, we have worked hard at blending heritage and expertise to create a broad selection of olive oil products that bring out the best flavours within your meals. Our promise is that whenever or wherever you buy our olive oil, the unparalleled flavour and performance of La Española in the kitchen is the same.

Two green olives in an olive branch
Green olive and two leaves

Commitment to sustainability

From non-intensive methods of harvesting to 100% recyclable packaging, we have achieved the perfect balance of crafting beautiful olive oils, supporting traditional harvesting techniques and working towards a more eco-friendly future.

Two green olives in a branch

Forward thinking

Whilst being a traditional company with traditional values, La Española prides itself on constantly evolving to reach modern consumers in many countries across the world. We are always looking to the future in our journey to provide the very best home cooking experience.