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The best dairy-free milk alternatives to try


We went all in and tried all the milk varieties available on the market. Here is our final verdict!

We’ve all grown up on milk, and know about its high calcium levels and many benefits for growing bodies. However, as adults, many of us are making the switch from regular cows milk to non-dairy milk alternatives

Dairy consumption can have a detrimental effect on the health of many. Those with lactose intolerance and digestive issues can experience pain and discomfort associated with dairy intake, while excess dairy has been proven to lead to weight gain, headaches, increased risk of heart disease and skin disorders - amongst many other side effects. 

Thankfully, there are many dairy-free milk varieties available today, so you can still enjoy your coffee, morning cereal or many milk-based meals without the guilt. 

This week we road tested five non-dairy milks and gave our verdict on them, as well as a recommendation of which to buy on your next trip to Coles

Next time you pick up a bottle or tin of La Española Olive Oil, be sure to try these dairy-free milk

Soy milk 

The long-reigning king of all non-dairy milks, soy milk is a popular dairy alternative at most cafes and available virtually everywhere, unlike other more niche varieties. Soy milk is the result of soaked and ground soybeans and is cholesterol free and low in saturated fat. Soy milk is an acquired taste if you are used to regular cows milk, but once you are used to it, it’s an easy and accessible switch to make. This soy milk has a hint of vanilla to really amp up your morning latte game. 

Almond milk 

Almond milk has been a hip, in-demand fridge staple for a few years now, and is now offered by a large number of big-name milk brands. Crafted from the highly nutritious almond nut, almond milk has now overtaken soy as the top-selling dairy-free milk of choice across the globe. Available in sweetened or unsweetened varieties, almond milk can also be found in a range of flavours that stray from the norm, such as chocolate and vanilla. We love this vegan almond milk.  

Oat milk 

A surprising contender for our favourite non-dairy milk variety, oat milk is derived from soaked oats. A grain product, oat milk is creamy, tasty and unlike many other non-dairy milks, is very enjoyable in coffee. It adds a light kick but isn’t overwhelming, which makes it ideal for caffeine fiends who just can’t give up their daily flat white. We highly recommend this organic oat milk

Coconut milk 

Coconuts are all the rage nowadays. Coconut water and coconut oil are popular grocery buys, so if you’re coco-crazy, add coconut milk to your shopping list. Milky and delicious, coconut milk is available in cooking or drinking varieties and has been used in meals across the world for generations, particularly in Asia and Africa. If you are keeping an eye on your waistline or your cholesterol levels, coconut milk may not be for you, as it is much higher in saturated fat than other dairy-free milk substitutes. However it’s a great sweet treat when your afternoon coffee hit needs a little something special. Try this organic coconut milk - you won’t regret it! 

Rice milk 

In the same grain milk family as oat milk, rice milk is the product of soaked and drained rice. This is a naturally sweeter dairy-free milk variety, due to the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars during production. Low in protein but high in calcium, rice milk is a fantastic choice for those who are allergic to nut-derived milks like almond or soy milk. Rice milk is much thinner than other milk alternatives, so it’s best kept for use in coffee and not in recipes that require a thicker substance. Give this rice milk a try next time you are in the milk aisle of Coles.

Have you made the switch to dairy-free milk and reaped the many health benefits? Let us know which you love on our social media channels!