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5 reasons you should follow the Mediterranean diet


The Mediterranean diet isn’t just a diet - it’s a way of life.

The Mediterranean diet isn’t just a diet - it’s a way of life. While the majority of foods included are clean, fresh and healthy, it also allows for indulgence in moderation - just how we Spaniards like to do live life!

If you have entered 2019 with a resolution to embrace a healthier lifestyle, this switch is for you. While there’s so many advantages of the Mediterranean diet, we’re kicking things off with five of the top reasons you should make the change today.

1) It’s the best diet for weight loss

Crowned the “healthiest diet in the world” by experts across the globe, the Mediterranean diet is considered the most reliable choice if weight loss is at the top of your list of requirements when choosing a diet. The foods allowed on the meal plan are designed to keep you fuller for longer while maintaining a balanced blood sugar level, which in turn means snacking between meals less. And don’t worry - you don’t be eating rabbit food to get to your goal weight! While fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes are at the core of the Mediterranean diet, it also includes a healthy dose of carbohydrates, protein and fat to keep things interesting. Plus, those who have lost weight on this diet have found maintaining their weight loss far easier than any other diet.

2) It fights off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease 

Undertaking the Mediterranean diet rapidly decreases your chance of developing diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Why? The foods on the list all have strong links to improved cognitive function, such as antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins. 

This document from is a great deep dive into the research surrounding how the foods you consume can affect brain health. 

3) It improves cardiovascular disease

A healthy heart is key to excellent overall health, and the Mediterranean diet goes a long way towards protecting this vital organ. With a food list that includes a low “bad cholesterol” intake and lots of healthy vitamins and fats, there’s no better diet for cardiovascular health. In addition, we Mediterraneans can’t pass up a great glass of wine, and the diet allows this in moderation as many red wines have been proven to improve heart health. 

This research from the world-leading Mayo Clinic is a terrific read and may just make your mind up for you!

4) It combats anxiety and depression 

The meals allowed on the Mediterranean diet have been carefully curated to tick all the boxes for improved physical health, but it also boosts the quality of your mental health. With anxiety and depression rife in today’s fast-paced modern world, who can resist a diet that is not only delicious but elevates happiness levels while promoting calm? 

5) It includes lots of delicious foods - plus treats!

As we explained earlier, the Mediterranean Diet isn’t as restrictive as other diets that strictly control what you eat and when. The Mediterranean diet is just as much about consuming good quality, fresh produce as it is about enjoying the foods you are eating.

Fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, seafood, whole grains and olive oil take centre stage, and you can munch on these as much as your heart desires. Still allowed - albeit in moderation - are dairy products, cheese and eggs. Red meat is rarely eaten, while trans fats, processed foods, excess sugar are a no no. 

There’s so much to get excited about as we plunge headfirst into a new year of fresh starts. So take back control of your diet and improve your health for the long term with the Mediterranean diet.