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Where to learn Spanish in your nearest Australian capital city


We've shortlisted for you the best Spanish courses available across Australia.

Spanish is one of the best languages to learn. It’s the official language of 20 countries, spanning South and Central America as well as Spain, of course. 

There are so many reasons why learning and speaking Spanish can be a valuable asset and personal development tool. Not only is learning a new language excellent for personal growth and cognitive learning, but Spanish in particular can get you a long way

Travelling to any country where Spanish is the primary language will be easier and your overall experience enhanced. In business, knowing Spanish can be a highly sought-after skill and can improve your employment prospects with global companies, as well as giving you opportunities to work abroad. The United States is tipped to soon become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, even more so than Mexico, which currently holds the mantle. 

And if that isn't reason enough to learn Spanish in Australia, a sense of accomplishment at mastering a native tongue should be. It’s a fantastic language for everyone from children through to seniors to get involved in. 

550 million people worldwide speak Spanish - with that number only growing - so open yourself up to new horizons with our list of the best Spanish language courses across Australia


El Patio Spanish Language School offers Melbourne’s most highly rated selection of Spanish language classes. They offer courses both in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on Lonsdale Street, as well as in the trendy inner city suburb of Northcote, and everything from weekly classes, intensive courses and short workshops are available. You can even complete online Spanish classes if distance is an issue. 

El Patio also offers small class sizes so more one-on-one attention, geared at all aptitude levels from beginner through to advanced


Our pick for the best Spanish classes in Sydney is Condor Spanish Academy. Offering classes in both Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction, Condor Spanish Academy has a range of lessons and workshops on offer year-round, taught by experts in Spanish language. 

If group classes aren’t right for you, or you learn better one-on-one, Condor can tailor a private lesson schedule that’s right for you - just ask! However, group classes here can be super fun, with visits to salsa dancing classes and Spanish restaurants included as surprises, to enhance your understanding of Spanish culture. 


Queenslanders have a large range of Spanish classes up and down the Sunshine State, and if you are situated in Brisbane, learning Spanish is an easy and accessible hobby. The Spanish Cat has established itself for many years as the go-to Brisbane Spanish learning centre, and classes are held in Brisbane CBD. 

The Spanish Cat believe in fun, interactive lessons being the key to successful learning, and veer away from the traditional textbook heavy approach to teaching. They offer 3 week and 8 week intensive courses, as well as online and corporate packages.  


The Top End has no shortage of foreign language classes to keep you busy, and Language Trainers in Darwin is our choice to recommend to you. They offer one-on-one courses for both business and leisure, as well as small group lessons which are really enjoyable. 

The best part of Language Trainers Darwin is that they have a wide range of police checked, highly-skilled teachers on their books in all capital cities, so your lessons can be held when and where it suits you, and don’t subscribe to a typical language school setup. 


Are you located in Perth and itching to learn a new language? We recommend learning Spanish at Multicultural Language Centre in Subiaco. 

If your learning style is slightly unconventional, you will love learning Spanish with the team here. The classes and courses include levels 1-6 Spanish, as well as extra help for high school Spanish students and online classes. 

Multicultural Language Centre put a real focus on fun as the basis of learning, and have a thriving calendar of social events for their students to mingle. Spanish dancing, eating and even movie nights are all on the schedule with MLC.  


Adelaide Spanish School gives the people of the City of Churches a chance to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world in a fun and interactive environment. Class sizes are small and cosy, allowing for their terrific teachers to get the most out of their students. There are courses each term that you can sign up for, otherwise general classes for all levels are held throughout the week in the suburbs of Hove and St Peters

Adelaide Spanish School treats their graduating course students to end of term celebrations, and holds regular meetups to brush up on your skills and get to know fellow students. 


Tasmania may be a tiny state, but the capital city of Hobart has a language school treasure in the offerings of Libraries Tasmania Adult Education Centre. They offer a range of Spanish courses in Hobart perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and you will need to enrol ahead of time in order to make each term’s cutoff date. 

Classes are held at both Hobart Library’s Training Room and UTAS Sandy Bay, and you will really get your money’s worth, all while meeting a range of like-minded, interesting locals keen on speaking Spanish as well!


ANU (Australian National University) is one of Australia’s best higher education institutions, so we expect nothing but the best from their offshoot, the ANU Centre for Continued Education. Their thorough and intensive Spanish courses in Canberra are some of the best on offer Down Under, cover all levels and are open to all ages. Sign up early to ensure you don’t miss out on the next intake of budding Spanish students in the A.C.T!

For a college with ties to such an esteemed university, the value for money is truly exceptional at ANU Centre for Continued Education, with small class sizes, affordable course fees and longer weekly lessons than many other schools. 

Are you ready to branch out and twist your tongue around the exciting, dynamic language that is Spanish? Our shortlist is just the start of the range of Spanish language courses on offer across Australia. When choosing the best fit for you, we recommend reading testimonials and online reviews from current and past students.

Now, vamos! (...that’s “let’s go!” in Spanish). See, you’re already on the path to speaking the language of La Española!