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Is fresh produce in Australia the world’s best?


What makes fresh Aussie fruit, veg and meat just so delicious and top-quality?

If you’ve ever travelled to Australia, or you are lucky enough to live on the big island, you’ll notice a few things that sets Down Under apart from any other place on Earth

Firstly, the people are super friendly and love nothing more than a long chat with a stranger. Australia has its own unique form of football, it’s own often-confusing vocabulary and it’s very own unique range of flora and fauna. 

But, if you have been lucky enough to dine on Aussie fresh produce that is jam-packed with natural flavour, you’ll know that this takes the cake for what makes the Great Southern Land so exceptional!

So, just what makes fresh Aussie fruit, veg and meat just so delicious and top-quality?

Some of the highest food standards in the world

Australia is a world leader in food safety and quality assurance methods when it comes to what goes on your plate, and it shows! If you have ever travelled into Australia from abroad, you will know first-hand just how stringent customs and immigration is when you land, in particular when it comes to bringing in foreign food products, seeds or plants. 

It may seem like a lot of process to go through after a long, tiring flight, but there’s good reason for the heavy protocol. Australian agriculture is mostly free of the produce-destroying pests that most other first-world countries unfortunately suffer from - and work hard to protect the industry for the long-run. 

On top of this, Australian food producers are subject to strict health and hygiene laws, and must meet quality assurance guidelines continually to produce the fresh foods you enjoy so much. This includes meeting an acceptable ‘farm to table’ timeline so that you know what you are eating is of the utmost quality. 

A huge range of seasonal produce to look forward to

One of the best things about living in Australia is that exciting time when a new season hits, supermarkets, greengrocers and fruit stalls are suddenly jam-packed with delicious seasonal produce to enjoy.

When the colder months strike, there’s nothing like sitting down to a hot roast dinner with premium Aussie meat and a huge helping of winter vegetables, like asian greens, parsnip, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. Once the long winter months subside and the weather warms up again, summer fruits such as cherries, mangoes, kiwi fruit and raspberries hit the shelves, and make for mouth-watering meals all on their own. 

Now you know just how great Aussie produce really is, why not head to Coles Supermarkets and stock up your fridge and pantry with the good stuff? Don’t forget to grab a bottle of La Española olive oil - it’s in season year round in Spain and bottled at the source for serious freshness!