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Australian meat - a cut above the rest?


What makes Australian meat so mouth-wateringly good?

If you live in Australia, or have ever travelled to its shores and sampled locally-sourced produce, the odds are that you’ve sunk your teeth, at one time or another, into some great Aussie meat - unless you’re a vegetarian of course!

By comparison, you will have noticed almost immediately that Australian meat, whether it’s beef, lamb, pork or chicken, has the added wow-factor that seems to be lacking in the meat on offer in other parts of the world. It’s juicier, plumper and tastier and leaves you feeling more nourished for longer. 

Have you ever wondered what makes Australian meat so mouth-wateringly good? This week, we are diving into what makes Aussie meat a serious cut above the rest!

Protein-rich Aussie goodness

Just like we went into in our recent blog on why Australian fruit, vegetables and fresh produce is some of the world’s best, the same goes for locally-produced meat. 

Meat must meet a quality grading set by Meat & Livestock Australia in order to make it quickly from the paddock to your plate. All farmers, whether in the cattle, sheep or goat farming sector, must abide by high-quality standards set, and the organisation puts a strong emphasis on their motto ‘bred well, fed well’. This means that the treatment of animals is also an important aspect of their mission. 

The Red Meat Integrity System is composed of the important elements of animal welfare, meat traceability, biosecurity and food safety in order to deliver to your local shelves only the best.

Australian-made is the best way

Aussie’s stay true to doing their utmost to keep the food available on local shelves completely home-grown

Although there are many overseas markets now selling in Australia, by buying Australian, you can know that you are buying products that are safe, of the highest food safety standards in the world, but also helping Aussie farmers, who have struggled in recent decades.

Droughts, hard times and the impact of cheaper, low-quality overseas products hit the Australian farming industry hard, but Aussie’s are tough people, and have continued to produce some of the best meat in the world in the face of adversity. 

The variation of meat, such as options of grass or grain-fed alternatives, is just another reason that Australian meat just really can’t be beat!