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Tableware tips to jazz up any mealtime


We are giving you some must-try tips for transforming an everyday table setting into something memorable!

A while ago on the La Española blog, we took you through how to plate meals like a pro. Well, presentation of a delicious dish is just one element of the overall final result.  An incredible-looking meal just isn’t complete without a stunning dinner table to enjoy it at. This week, we are giving you some must-try tips for transforming an everyday table setting into something to really write home about!

Choose a theme and work with it

Whether you are planning a large-scale dinner party or an intimate meal with friends, the first choice to make is which theme you are going to go with. Your tableware theme should reflect not only who you are as an individual, but also set the atmosphere for the event as a whole. 

If you are opting for a warm, tranquil and welcoming aesthetic, a rustic table setting is always a winner. Wooden decor, such as candle holders and serving trays, placed on a simple white tablecloth are very on-trend, and will make your guests feel right at home. 

If you are a fan of ultra-modern decor, opt for a monochromatic (black and white) theme. Matte black plates and bowls pair perfectly with a starkly-contrasting crisp white tablecloth and napkins. 

Are you a little more old-fashioned and love the look of a pretty, delicate or feminine table setting? A French Provincial theme will be right up your alley, with lightly-fragranced vanilla candles strategically-placed along the table, your best white or cream crockery and lace-lined napkins. Add a little pizzazz to this mostly-neutral look with trendy rose gold cutlery and napkin holders. 

Keep it simple yet stunning

While everybody loves a well-presented table, on the flipside, nobody likes a setting that is too “busy”, especially if they are known to gesture wildly with their hands (like we Spanish folk!)

Keep from overcrowding your meal space by clearing each meal and its relevant plates, bowls and cutlery as your guests finish each course. Keep decor to a minimum, according to the size of the table you are working with. 

Before dining, remove any pieces that may get in the way of guests, such as large floral arrangements that look incredible upon your guests arrival, but may block their view of the rest of the attendees. 

Don’t forget the special touches

As we have alluded to, tableware shouldn’t begin and end with the basics you will dine off, and small but memorable additions are what will make or break your mealtime. 

If you are taking on the monumental task of throwing a large dinner party, make your guests feel oh-so-special with a sweet nameplate for each guest at their seat.

A simple tray, in the theme of your choosing, makes for a wonderful and tidy centrepiece that will look beautiful peppered with a small arrangement of simple flowers in a vase, potted succulents and a scented candle (avoid overwhelming fragrances). If you are working with a longer table, a few of these centrepieces evenly displayed adds a cohesive overall feel. 

There you have it! A few short, simple and yet completely-manageable tableware tips to spice up any mealtime. Now all that’s left to do is to dig in!