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Sensational sweets: The 10 best desserts ranked


At La Española we have compiled our top 10 list of the best desserts we just can’t get enough of.

It’s winter. It’s lockdown. We’re all allowed some sweet desserts to warm us up and cheer us up - aren’t we? 

To lift our spirits and tantalise our taste buds, we did the rounds of the La Española office and have compiled our top 10 list of the best desserts we just can’t get enough of. 

From 10 to 1… let’s go! 

10. Lemon Meringue Pie 

Tart, tangy and satisfying, lemon meringue pie combines citrus sweetness with clouds of meringue goodness. Its fresh flavour makes it a great dessert as the weather warms up. Simply Recipes has a helpful lemon meringue pie recipe loaded with tips on how to get it just right.   

9. Churros 

A Spanish dessert that has made its way to the four corners of the globe, churros are fried strips of dough with a crunchy, hot and cinnamon sugar-sprinkled exterior. Dipped in chocolate sauce, churros are an all-rounder everyone loves. Spanish Sabores has a simple churros recipe made with olive oil that takes just 20 minutes and serves 4. 

8. Ice cream 

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or something a little more out there - we love all kinds of ice cream! The dessert is enjoyable on its own or on the side of other desserts that made our list. For something a little different, try our recipe for olive oil and orange ice cream

7. Tiramisu 

This famous dessert from our neighbours in Italy combines two of our favourite things - coffee and chocolate! With ladyfingers as its base, the spongy dessert is flavourful and sure to please the whole family. Try this tiramisu recipe from Women’s Weekly. 

6. Chocolate mousse 

We’ll take anything made with chocolate for dessert, but there’s something about the light and creamy texture of a well-made chocolate mousse that really wraps up a fantastic dinner perfectly. Once Upon A Chef has a five-star user-rated homemade chocolate mousse recipe

5. Apple pie 

A winter warmer unlike any other, apple pie - like its beloved cousin apple crumble - is mouthwatering served hot with cream or ice cream on top. There’s nothing like a homemade apple pie. Does this count towards our daily fruit intake goal? Taste has an outstanding apple pie recipe that serves 8.  

4. Banana split 

There was nothing better growing up than one of Mum’s banana splits with the works after tea. Load a sliced banana with topping, sprinkles and nuts and you’ll be in seventh heaven! We love this banana split recipe from Gourmet Traveller. 

3. Trifle 

A fan favourite at Christmas time, we love trifle year round! A classic trifle is quick and easy to make, and includes a mix of fruit, custard, cream, with a spongy cake base thrown in for texture. Sweetest Menu nails a trifle recipe here

2. Cheesecake 

Eggs, cheese and sugar come together in perfect unison to create the universally loved dessert - cheesecake. And with a crunchy base holding it all together and often topped with fresh fruit - it doesn’t get better than this. Recipe Tin Eats has a baked cheesecake recipe that users have given a resounding perfect score. 

1. Pavlova  

A list of desserts for Aussies has to be capped off with the Australian dessert to end all Australian desserts - pavlova. Named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova during one of her Australian tours a century ago, Aussies have never ended their love affair with the dessert with the hard meringue outside and soft, cloudlike inside. Top with fresh fruit and it is the dessert on a balmy evening. Taste’s pavlova recipe is as delicious as it is attractive. 

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