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Eco-friendly bathroom swaps you can make today


Which have you already made the switch to?

There are so many products on the market that allow for a seamless switch to having a more environmentally friendly bathroom. And choosing them isn’t just good for the planet - it’s good for you too!

Below we have listed a range of bathroom products that have plastic-free, eco-friendly alternatives available in Australian stores. 

We have also recommended a product available in Australia to make it easy for you to make the sustainable switch today. 

1. Bathroom essentials 

There are so many biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly swaps for essentials we all need in our bathroom cabinet. Which have you already made the switch to?

  • Bamboo toothbrush 

Nix the consumption of plastic toothbrushes and purchase bamboo toothbrushes instead. Bamboo is kind to the planet and grows extremely fast, making it the ideal sustainable switch. 

An Aussie-made bamboo toothbrush: 

  • Waterpik 

Waterpiks aren’t just eco-friendly. They are also clinically proven to be more effective at cleaning your teeth and gums than floss. Waterpiks use a stream of water to clean all those hard-to-reach places, limiting the use of nylon dental floss. 

Buy a water pik in Australia: 

  • Eco-friendly floss 

If you use floss after brushing, opt for a dental floss with a compostable dispenser, sustainable thread and eco-friendly packaging. It is proven to be as strong and effective as using nylon floss. 

An Australian made eco-friendly floss: 

  • Organic tooth powder 

Many people are turning to organic tooth powder and turning away from toothpaste with plastic packaging. A great vegan tooth powder will be made using organic ingredients, will be free from artificial flavours and preservatives and will be packaged with reusable or recyclable materials. 

Our top pick for organic tooth powder: 

  • Bar soap and shampoo 

Making the switch to bar soap and shampoo limits your plastic consumption while still caring for your skin and hair. The perks of using bar shampoo and soap are vast. You get far more use out of a bar shampoo or soap than plastic bottles, and are usually made with eco-friendly ingredients that are good for you and for the environment. 

Buy Australia made bar shampoo: 

  • Metal razors 

Say no to plastic razors and invest in a good quality metal safety razor that will last far longer than its cheap plastic counterpart. Limit landfill while getting the smoothest shave of your life!

Our Aussie safety razor recommendation:

  • Fake tan 

Build up a natural, glowing tan with a fake tan that is made using eco-friendly ingredients and is sold in sustainable packaging. With results that outshine their less sustainable counterparts, many natural fake tan products now utilise ingredients that are safe for the planet, like hemp. 

An eco-friendly fake tan option: 

2. Women’s bathroom products 

As women, we don’t just have luxuries in our bathroom cabinet, we have necessities too. Thankfully, there is an eco-friendly offering from everything us ladies need for our health and wellness.  

  • Biodegradable pregnancy tests 

The creators of the world’s first and only biodegradable pregnancy test, Meet Lia, have created a product that we are sure many other brands across the world will draw inspiration from. This sustainable pregnancy test is genius. It is as effective as its plastic counterparts, and is flushable, biodegradable and discreet. The test biodegrades completely within weeks.

Buy the only biodegradable pregnancy test on the market: 

  • Menstrual cups 

More and more women have turned to menstrual cups in place of pads and tampons over the last few years, not just for environmental reasons, but for comfort and coverage too. Menstrual cups last for years, dramatically decreasing the amount of landfill you would otherwise be contributing to with pads and tampons. 

***La Española Australian staff recommendation***
An Aussie-made and owned menstrual cup recommendation: 

  • Eco-friendly condoms 

Did you know you can be eco-friendly while getting freaky? There are many sustainable condoms on the market that are made from natural latex that biodegrades and comes in planet-friendly packaging. You can also buy environmentally friendly lube and other sexy goodies. 

Choose Australian eco-friendly condoms: 

  • Sustainable pads and tampons

Forget plastic sanitary products that don’t break down in landfill. Instead, opt for pads and tampons that are made from natural products like bamboo, hemp or organic cotton. Our recommended brand Tsuno comes in a range of sizes and styles, and give 50% of their profits to women’s charities. Their tampons are made from organic cotton and their pads are made from natural bamboo. 

Australian bamboo pads: 

  • Period underwear

Some women opt to use pads and tampons during their period, some use menstrual cups and some use innovative period underwear - the newest thing in sanitary products. Period underwear eliminates the use of plastic, and the underwear offers hours of protection without leaking. A pair also lasts a long time. 

Australian-made period underwear: 

3. Other bathroom must-haves 

There are other bathroom essentials that innovative brands have taken and transformed into sustainable sellouts. Here’s a few more. 

  • Bamboo towels 

Everyone needs bath towels and mats, and investing in eco-friendly towels that are manufactured safely is a smart choice. Bamboo towels are high-quality, antibacterial and moisture wicking, while being made from a planet-friendly material that grows quickly. 

Organic Australian bamboo towels: 

  • Toilet brush

Most traditional toilet brushes are made entirely from plastic. We are at epidemic levels with our plastic in landfills, and the good news is that there are toilet brushes on the market that are biodegradable and sustainable. 

A planet-friendly toilet brush available in Australia: 

  • Toilet paper 

The plastic packaging that toilet paper comes in all goes into landfill, and much of it doesn’t break down. But there are eco-friendly options. Who Gives A Crap is a leading brand in Australia that sells high-quality toilet paper without the plastic packaging. 50% of their profits go to building toilets and providing clean water access for underprivileged communities across the world. 

Buy from Who Gives A Crap: 

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