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Binge eat or binge watch? 7 top Netflix food shows for this weekend


Take a look to our 7 favourite Netflix food shows, currently streaming on the service. 

Let’s face it. A night in with Netflix can be just as enjoyable as a big night out these days, and almost 10 million Aussies have come round to the many perks of this fantastic video streaming service. Those numbers are indeed astounding, but it’s for good reason. Netflix  is budget-friendly, jam-packed with diverse viewing options and with winter on its way, it’s ideal company for a cosy night in. 

Luckily for foodies, Netflix Australia has built up an impressive collection of TV shows of the culinary persuasion, which aim to inspire, challenge and entertain viewers. 

Take a look at La Española’s 7 favourite Netflix food shows, currently streaming on the service. 

1. Street Food

The makers of iconic Chef’s Table have created this exciting new series, documenting the famous street food culture of Asia. Street Food takes the viewer to diverse destinations across this vast continent. If you yourself have travelled within Asia, you’ll be transported back to sampling pho on the streets of Vietnam or Thai noodles in bustling Bangkok. If you are yet to visit Asia, this series will only ignite your desire to. We guarantee it.

2. Parts Unknown 

One of the many legacies of late American chef Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown is part food series, part travel documentary. Thankfully, Netflix Australia is now streaming eight seasons of this legendary series. Travel with Anthony to the furthest pockets of the planet to sample foreign delicacies you may never have heard of. The Congo, Peru, New York, Cuba, Scotland, Iran, Jamaica. There was nowhere Anthony wouldn’t go, and didn’t go. And with him gone, watching Parts Unknown makes us feel like we can visit with him whenever we want to. And that’s fine by us. 

3. Chef’s Table 

An award-winning name in the food TV niche, Chef’s Table introduces the viewer to chefs across the globe, with each showcasing their unique approach to their craft. It’s inspirational (and aspirational) viewing for budding chefs, but for us regular folk, it’s enjoyable just to sit back and watch these culinary masters discuss and demonstrate their skills. Chef’s Table takes you everywhere from Sweden to New Zealand, Italy to Bali, and Netflix now has 6 volumes available to binge to your heart's content. Just make sure you have snacks at the ready. 

4. Zumbo’s Just Desserts 

This Australian series has taken the world that loves reality cooking shows by storm. Hot on the heels of the success of shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, Zumbo’s Just Desserts sees chef Adriano Zumbo on the hunt for the best amateur baker, in a fun competition format. But be warned. This show may prove too tempting for the sweet tooth’s among us, as it involves a generous helping of gateau, chocolate, ice cream and pastries. While there was only one season of the series in 2016 - now on Netflix - fans are thrilled that the service has ordered a new season. We will be waiting with bated breath! 

5. Cooked 

If you are searching for a short and sweet food show to fill a Saturday afternoon, we highly recommend Cooked. A four-part series from 2016, Cooked follows food critic Michael Pollan across the world as he looks at the importance of food to various cultures. This insightful show touches on a range of timely topics, including vegetarianism, the dangers of processed food and the effects of gluten on overall health. We guarantee you will walk away with a richer understanding of food and what it means in our society. 

6. Nailed It!

We’ve all tried to recreate a dish for ourselves and failed miserably at some point in time. Well, the creators of Nailed It! have taken that premise and run with it, resulting in a successful show we are eagerly awaiting a third season of in the coming weeks. The series takes very average home bakers and challenges them to recreate highly impressive culinary creations for themselves. It’s tough, tense and fun, and Netflix sums this show up best when it says “it’s part reality contest, part hot mess.” And we love it. Guilt-free. 

7. Salt Fat Acid Heat 

With a similar premise to Cooked, new release Salt Fat Acid Heat meshes the travel show genre with food culture to create a perfectly balanced recipe for TV success. Across four episodes, American chef and food writer Samin Nosrat travels to four distinctly different destinations to discover the process behind their food industry, its production and their overall food culture. La Española fans will particularly enjoy Episode 1, which touches on the many benefits of olive oil and showcases the Mediterranean lifestyle. You’re sure to walk away from this series with a deeper understanding of the importance of food as something that binds all cultures together, no matter how unique. 

With an ever-evolving and growing food category collection, Netflix Australia is becoming a one-stop destination for amateur and experienced foodies alike. 

What is your favourite food show currently streaming on Netflix? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and let us know!