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5 ways to include some Spanish-style romance in your Valentine’s Day


We want to share with you 5 Mediterranean tips to celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique and romantic way.

With each year, it can become more and more difficult to come up with unique, romantic ideas to commemorate the holiday for lovers across the world - Valentine’s Day

This year, why not take your love of all things Spanish to the next level, and make your special day a Mediterranean marvel to impress?

Here’s 5 fun ways to show your love - Spanish-style!

1) Learn some choice words from the language of love

There’s a reason Spanish is often referred to as the “language of love”. It can be fiery, expressive or romantic at the drop of a hat, and is also one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world - so helpful to know as well!

This Valentine’s Day, why not surprise your one true love with a little Spanish dialogue you’ve learnt? 

Some must-learn phrases on the big day include ‘Te quiero’ (‘I love you’), ‘amor’ (‘love) and ‘eres mi todo’ (‘you are my everything’). Take it to the next level with ‘Estoy loco(a) por ti’ (‘I am crazy for you’) or text them during the day showing your eagerness to see them in the evening with ‘no puedo esperar a verte’ (‘I can’t wait to see you’). 

Even if you sound a little rusty, they’ll be impressed you tried!

2) Take your other half out for some traditional Spanish cuisine

New and exciting Spanish eateries are popping up all over Australia, both in cities and regional areas. Spanish food is also the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s Day plans, as it is varied enough that there is something to suit every taste. 

In a recent blog, we detailed our top 5 Spanish restaurants in Australia. Why not check it out and see if your nearest city has a foodie hotspot to treat your date to?

3) Whip up a marvellous Mediterranean meal at home

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, and when you make that meal traditionally Spanish, you will be in your partner’s good books - we can guarantee it! 

Whether you are a novice in the kitchen, or a serious home chef, our website is full of delicious Spanish recipes to choose from. We also include some handy cooking tips to ensure your creation is up to scratch!

If you are planning on serving up a romantic meal at home this Valentine’s Day, make sure you have a bottle or two of La Española olive oil on hand, courtesy of Coles Supermarkets. Most Spanish recipes require it, and it will make sure your meal is authentic and tasty through and through!

4) Take a traditional Spanish dancing class together

One thing is for sure - we Spaniards know how to dance

We’ve pioneered many dances, but maybe none as famous as the flamenco, a rhythmic and emotionally expressive dance that says romance like no other! 
Originating in the Andalucía region of Spain (where La Española is from!), the dance includes stunning traditional costumes for both males and females, with a classical guitar backing track.

Sound exciting? Why not talk your Valentine into taking a flamenco class with you locally? It’s a memorable (and sensual!) way to spend V-Day, and with authentic flamenco classes popping up across most capital cities, you’ve got nothing to lose!

5) Include a Spanish guitar backing track 

Speaking of Spanish music, if you are spending the holiday cosy at home with your soulmate, find a great Spotify playlist or YouTube mix of classical Spanish guitar tunes. Commonly listened to for calm, sound therapy and relaxation, the harmonious yet sultry strings will put you right in the mood for love!

Wherever you are this Valentine’s Day, make sure to inject a little Spanish passion into the occasion!