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5 ways to avoid overindulging this festive season


We've outlined 5 tricks to avoid overindulging this Christmas and New Year.

For many of us, Christmas and New Year is a time to cut loose, throw caution to the wind and to allow ourselves a chance to indulge and treat ourselves a little bit. 

Others may want to restrain themselves a little more in 2019 than most years, in order to go into the New Year feeling good and on track for a healthy year ahead

If you’re in the latter camp this silly season, you can still have an enjoyable break while keeping your healthy lifestyle in check. 

Our 5 tips to avoid overindulging this Christmas and New Year will show you how easy it is to treat yourself - without going overboard. 

1. Stay hydrated 

Christmas is almost always hot across much of Australia, and we are all guilty of forgetting to stay hydrated when the celebratory bubbly is flowing. Not only is it mandatory to fight off the summer heat, but sticking to your recommended daily intake of water is a handy way to break up your consumption of more calorie-heavy bevvies

Often times, dehydration is a key cause of overeating, and what we mistake for hunger is actually thirst. Up your water intake this festive season and you’ll do yourself a world of good. 

2. Feast on lots of summer produce 

You Aussie are so lucky. You get to enjoy Christmas when Australia’s freshest summer produce is at its best, and many summer fruits - like berries - are synonymous with Christmas time. 

Be sure to include lots of summer produce in your Christmas and New Year spreads and you’ll have no issue maintaining your recommended daily fruit and veg intake - or even exceeding it. Think bowls of fresh cherries, juicy mango, grapes, melon slices, pineapple…YUM! 

And if you’re whipping up a sweet Christmas trifle, make it extra fruity! We love this quick and easy summer berry trifle recipe from La Española stockist, Coles and their Taste Magazine. 

3. Swap cocktails for mocktails 

Does vice during Christmas and New Year lie in struggling to keep a handle on your alcohol intake? As we have already suggested, drinking enough water during the silly season is extremely important, not just to counteract the summer sweat but to rehydrate after consuming Christmas cocktails and other adult summer drinks. 

There’s lots of other ways to keep your alcohol consumption down this Christmas. If you enjoy a cerveza, swap heavy beers for light, carb-free or even alcohol-free alternatives that taste much the same. If you love wine, opt for a dry white like a summery Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, as these have the lowest calories and carbs. Sweet wines have much higher fat content. 

Alternatively, try your hand at whipping up different mocktails. Mocktails are alcohol-free cocktails that have the same fruity look and taste of a traditional cocktail. La Española’s British team have a great list of delicious summer mocktail recipes that are quick and easy to make. 

4. Don’t party on an empty stomach 

All of those Christmas and New Year parties are sure to do a number on your regular calorie intake. With so many delicious temptations served up, it can be really hard to say no

A handy tip for not overeating at that festive season bash? Fill up before you go. Having a protein-rich snack before you head out to that exciting party or event can be enough to whet your appetite and stop you from lingering around that mouth-watering grazing table all night. 

If you do find yourself eyeing off that cheese board, just indulge mindfully. Fill a smaller side plate, as it’s been proven that we are more likely to eat more if we are served on a large plate. Trick your brain and survive the festive season

5. Stay active 

Many Aussies are lucky to have a wealth of beautiful beaches and natural wonders at their fingertips, and Christmas being at summertime can really work in your favour

Between Christmas parties and shenanigans, make time for your regular exercise routine, but incorporate your stock-standard trips to the gym or your indoor fitness classes with active outings to the beach, the lake or the mountains - whatever you have near where you are. A long stroll along the sand followed by a refreshing dip on a hot summer evening will keep you moving, happy and healthy between indulgences. And salt water is proven to have powerful restorative qualities, 

Lastly, it’s important to remember that completely depriving yourself of holiday season offerings is a surefire path to failure. Be kind to yourself, and set yourself manageable limits for both food and alcohol if you’re trying to be more restrained this year. Enjoy the things you love at this time of year and embrace the happiness that Christmas brings for many who celebrate it. 

Merry Christmas from the team at La Española Olive Oil!