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5 spring flavours to try out in 2020


We’ve shortlisted five of the best spring flavours to play around with this season.

The sun is out. The days are shorter. We’re all wearing less layers and our winter coats are being stored away until next year. 

Yes, it’s spring in Australia. 

Many people’s favourite season, spring is all about everything fresh and new - and that includes your kitchen creations

The taste of spring is uplifting, light and delicious, and we’ve shortlisted five of the best spring flavours to play around with this season. 

1. Strawberry

Sweet and fruity, strawberries are universally loved and more versatile than many think. Perfect on their own or as a central part of a healthy fruit salad (you can try this simply and delicious Spring Strawberry Salad), strawberries will also take your baking creations to another level

Make your own strawberry jam to spread on piping hot scones with cream, treat the family to a mouthwatering strawberry shortcake or cheesecake or add a handful of this pretty pink fruit to your morning smoothie for a berry-licious kick.

2. Spring onion

Is your spring salad or sandwich a little bland and boring? The sharpness of spring onions will transform your tired old lunchbox staple. And these young onions aren’t just tangy and delicious when fresh. Spring onions are a must-have ingredient in any good stir fry, in a creamy potato salad or in your favourite Asian noodle recipe. You can even enjoy BBQ spring onions on their own as a powerful side dish. 

3. Rhubarb 

Our Grandma’s knew the power of rhubarb, baking it into a crumble everyone loved when it came into season. This tart spring vegetable has a unique taste that pairs well with other fruit like apple. Rhubarb needs to be sweetened to make it edible, and only the stalks are safe to eat as its leaves are fatal in high doses. Make a zesty rhubarb crumble, stew rhubarb to enjoy with cream or ice cream, make a relish, whip up a pie or pudding - the options are endless! 

4. Orange

Citrusy and sweet, oranges are a spring and summer fruit bowl essential. But this round fruit isn’t just yummy sliced up, thrown in a fruit salad or freshly juiced. Make a batch of orange marmalade to give to friends and family as a gift, or make a chicken marinade for a scrumptious dinner twist. Impress the family with our recipe for orange and olive oil ice cream. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare, and 3-4 hours to chill. We also have an outstanding recipe for olive oil, almond and orange cake

5. Mint

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different mints in the kitchen. There are 600 different types of mint, with eternal favourites including cooling spearmint and peppermint. Fresh mint is superb in spring salads, chutney and relishes, soup, yoghurt or in a relaxing cup of tea. Our recipe for peach, Serrano ham and mint salad is fresh, fruity and perfect for a lazy spring day spent enjoying the sun. 

What is your favourite spring flavour? Interact with us on our Facebook and Instagram and let us know how you are celebrating this new season in the kitchen. We have exciting new recipes on the La Española website, perfect for all seasons!