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5 reasons Spanish olive oil is just so good


What is the ultimate requirement of every traditional Spanish dish? Olive oil!

Spaniards aren’t exactly the most modest lot. If we are good at something, we won’t shy away from letting you know it. Architecture, art, landmarks, dancing and dynamic music are just a few of our many strengths - not to mention national cuisine

And what is the ultimate requirement of each and every traditional Spanish dish? Olive oil! Don’t believe us? Read on, as we count down the top 5 reasons Spanish olive oil just can’t be surpassed.

5. We are largest producer of olive oil in the world

You may have assumed that other Mediterranean countries lead the pack due to their shared love of all things olives - but you would be mistaken! Spain is actually the world leader in both olive production (40%) and olive oil production (75%), with most of our delicious oils coming from the Andalucía region. This is where La Española originates from - so we are in good company!

4. It pairs perfectly with Spanish fare

Nothing complements a traditional Spanish dish better than a light drizzle (or generous dollop) of Spanish olive oil. We are patriotic people at heart, and olive oil producers have worked hard to ensure that there is an olive oil to enjoy with each and every Spanish dish, be it tapas, paella or gazpacho. 

What can we say - we love our own produce!

3. A varied range of grades that are heavily regulated

The range of varieties and grades of olive oil is truly astounding - and producers of Spanish olive take this seriously. EU countries (of which Spain is one), now regulate the grading of olive oil. Essentially, this is a protective measure for the consumer, to ensure that they are not being duped with inferior olive oil products masked as superior grades. 

This means that whether you are purchasing virgin, extra virgin, regular or refined olive oil, you can expect the best - as demonstrated by La Española’s authentic range

2. Thousands of years of history in Spain

Far back in ancient times, the Phoenicians and Greeks introduced the olive tree to the Iberian Peninsula. We have to give credit to the ancient Romans, who continued to develop the oil production process. Thousands of years on, Spaniards still reap the benefits of this natural oil, and have build a worldwide reputation for our olive oil quality, taste and variations

1.  La Española is a member of the Spanish olive oil family

What better way to cap off our list than to give ourselves a little nod?!

We are so proud to be advocates of the Mediterranean diet and leaders in Spanish olive oil production, and love introducing our traditional brand to new customers. 

Haven’t tried it yet? Get on the Spanish olive oil train today!