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5 common misconceptions about olive oil


We've outlined the most popular myths people still believe about olive oil.

There is a lot of false information floating around the web on the benefits and uses of our favourite pantry addition, olive oil.  This week, we are busting the most common myths and misconceptions about this natural substance - so take note!

Myth #1: It can be stored anywhere

You should choose where to store your olive oil as carefully as you choose its brand and quality

Olive oil is a mortal enemy to light, heat and air. So while it may be tempting to store your olive oil in a beautiful way on your dining table, along with other regularly-used condiments, save this for meal time only

Store your olive oil in a cool, dry and dark place, such as your kitchen pantry or cupboard, and make sure it is as far away from your oven as possible. Heat will spoil it quickly!

Also, while it may be tempting to pour and store your olive oil in a pretty clear glass dispenser, à la Pinterest, olive oil is best stored in a dark glass bottle in order to keep as much light out as possible. 

Myth #2: Olive oil is unhealthy and full of fat

This one is part truth, but mostly a misconception. The true part is that olive oil is indeed a fatty substance, but luckily it’s not a dangerous one like many processed foods include. 

All oils contain natural fats, but the benefit of olive oil is that as it is denser than other oils, you need less of it to work with! A little bit does indeed go a long way. 
In addition, studies have shown that olive oil plays a big part in lowering cholesterol (use it in place of butter or margarine) and improving heart health

Myth #3: Vegans can’t have olive oil

Wrong! Olive oil could quite possibly be the most ancient vegan offering out there, and is 100% a food group this diet advocates for!

Myth #4: All olive oils are created equal

Many people believe that all olive oil brands and varieties on the shelves are the same, but this is a big misconception in the foodie world!

Many cheaper brands are heavily processed and not considered “real olive oil” at all. Doing your research will help you make an informed decision, as many regions of the world offer far superior produce than others!

With 175 years of tradition and produced in the Andalucía region of Spain, La Española is a trusted leader in the olive oil industry, and with a new Australian presence on Coles Supermarket shelves, it’s now easy for Aussie olive oil lovers to get their hands on a bottle - or five! 

Myth #5: Olive oil contributes to bad overall health

Another myth! In fact, olive oil has been linked to improving not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. The Mediterranean Diet is at the forefront of the movement of combating mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression with positive food choices, and olive oil is arguably the central component of this ultra-healthy way of life!

We love educating olive oil fans on everything about this wonderful substance, so be sure to check back in regularly on our blog for more tips and tricks!