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5 Christmas dishes to make using olive oil


Add some olive oil to your Christmas meals for an extra-healthy holiday!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - and that definitely extends to food! 

As we all get ready to loosen out belts a bit in time for the season of indulgence, you may not realise just how pivotal a part healthy olive oil can play in your Chrissy feast

This week, La Española shows you how.

1) Amazing festive appetisers

Christmas day is hot across vast areas of Australia, so starting out with a yummy yet light appetiser will satiate your guests hunger, while still saving room for the bigger main meals later. 

La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Flavour makes the perfect dressing for any salad. This simple and quick balsamic and olive oil dressing recipe will save you time in the kitchen on the day you most need it! Make the most of summer’s juicy olives and go all-in this Christmas with this Olive Salad recipe, which takes just fifteen minutes to throw together. 

Now that you’ve tided over the appetites of your loved ones, it’s time for the biggest meal of the day…

2) Mouth-watering Christmas meat

The central dish of any traditional Christmas meal. Roasting your chosen meat in olive oil instead of more fatty alternatives is a healthy option that leads to a tenderer roast. 

But don’t forget the all-important sides! Roasting or frying vegetables in olive oil keeps them crispy and adds a flavour kick everyone will love.

La Española Pure Olive Oil is the original bestseller from our range, ideal for roasting and grilling your Christmas meat to perfection

3) Delicious silly season desserts

We hope you’ve left room for pudding! What Christmas is complete without a delectable trifle? Impress your friends and family with this burnt cherry Christmas trifle recipe. It’s a unique twist on the traditional classic. 

Make good use of summer produce and whip up this mandarin and bay leaf olive loaf or try this dairy-free chocolate mousse that uses olive oil as a staple ingredient. Even simple vanilla ice cream with a swirl of olive oil is a surprisingly tasty dessert to treat yourself to this Christmas! 

The best olive oil to use in desserts is La Española Mild & Light, as it’s ideal for baking up a storm!

Our new easy to read labels make it easy to choose the right La Española product for you. Available at our exclusive Australian stockists, Coles Supermarkets, just look for the Spanish lady on our range of bottles and tins! 

Merry Christmas!