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5 celebrities that love the Mediterranean Diet


These 5 celebrities who love the Mediterranean Diet show how powerful this simple switch can be!

Show business is famed for its fad diet culture, which, while achieving quick results, isn’t maintainable nor good for you. 

As more and more celebrities jump onboard the Mediterranean Diet train, it’s easy to see why. Simple to follow and maintain, healthy, varied and with steady, solid results, it’s less of a diet and more of a lifestyle overhaul. 

These five celebrities who love the Mediterranean Diet show just how powerful this simple switch can be!

1) Kayla Itsines

The Greek-Australian health and fitness influencer’s public profile has exploded in the last few years, with Kayla’s Instagram account recently surpassing an astounding ten million followers. Alongside her bestselling ‘Sweat’ fitness program and app, Kayla lauds the Mediterranean Diet for helping her maintain her enviable, toned and healthy figure. “I'm Greek, so we eat a Mediterranean diet in my family,” Kayla explained on her Instagram recently. 

2) John Goodman 

A much-loved film and TV presence for decades, John Goodman has endured a well-documented battle with obesity for just as long. However, fans have been blown away by his slow and steady health journey over the last few years.

The Roseanne star’s fitness instructor recently told the New York Post that the actor had undertaken a Mediterranean Diet, which has helped him lose over 50kg! Goodman explained that the decision to follow the diet came from a desire “to live a better life.”

3) Penelope Cruz

No list would be complete without a fellow Spaniard from our home country to boast about the benefits of our lifestyle!

Penelope Cruz credited the Mediterranean Diet with helping her maintain her stunning shape and keeping her energy levels topped up after having two children. “My diet is the Mediterranean Diet, which is good food” she told the Daily Mirror. 

4) Rachael Ray

This American celebrity chef should know which diet is best to follow - and she sure does!

Ray and her family undertook our favourite diet, alongside a healthy exercise plan, years ago and lost two dress sizes as a result - and she feels fantastic!

She told OK! Magazine, “we eat a largely Mediterranean Diet, so lots of canned fish, canned tomatoes...We love sardines and anchovies….Pasta of course. You’ve gotta love it!”. 

5) Selena Gomez

The pop sensation has endured a high-profile battle with the condition lupus, which severely compromises her immune system. Medical professions maintain that the severity of the symptoms can be combatted with diet and exercise, and sources have explained that Gomez has thrived after looking to a Mediterranean-style diet for relief. By indulging in a healthy combination of fruits, vegetables, fish, greens, grains and healthy fats, the singer is doing well. 

There you have it! Celebrities are just like us, and are also reaping the benefits of undertaking a Mediterranean Diet. Are you on board yet?