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3 refreshing Mediterranean salads to try this summer


We count down our top 3 Mediterranean diet salads that you just have to try. 

Summer in Australia has so much to offer up. Long, lazy days on our beautiful beaches, bright evenings and incredible sunsets, perfect weather day-in and day-out and sunkissed, glowing skin. 

For any self-proclaimed foodie, summer is the best time of the year - when delicious summer produce can be combined with al fresco dining - what’s not to love?

Summer salads are a mouth-watering, healthy treat during a season when many people naturally feel like eating a little lighter, and not being weighed down by heavy dishes. 

This week on the La Española blog, we count down our top 3 Mediterranean diet salads that you just have to try. 

3. The traditional Greek salad

A Greek salad is a basic salad that is easy to throw together, and popular the world over. 

It comprises Mediterranean diet staples that are great for the body and soul, and is light enough that you can enjoy it as a simple side or a main meal all on its own. 

With Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, olives and feta cheese, and finished with lashings of olive oil and vinegar, the traditional Greek salad is a refreshing dish to try out this summer. This oh-so-easy Greek salad recipe from Taste takes only ten minutes to prepare. 

And although it’s traditionally from Greece, we recommend using La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Flavour of course!

2. The pumpkin and feta salad

Feta cheese is a largely summer-centric addition to salads, and the combination of this goat’s cheese variation with healthy, filling pumpkin makes the humble pumpkin and feta salad an ever-popular summer treat. It also includes a generous amount of olive oil and the addition of pine nuts if you so choose. 

Save the money you’d spent on this creation at an overpriced salad bar, and whip up a big serving yourself with this pumpkin, feta and pinenut salad recipe from All Recipes Australia. 

You’ll have enough to store for later!

1. The Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Why not take advantage of the exceptional seafood on offer during summer in Australia and whip up a big batch of a Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Crunchy, fresh vegetables such as celery, onion, radish and cucumbers perfectly compliment the tasty tuna and olives that are the basis of this meal. This Mediterranean tuna salad recipe from The Mediterranean Dish also includes the most important ingredient - extra virgin olive oil!

Are you ready to kick off your summer salad odyssey? Be sure to pick up a bottle of La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Flavour next time you are at Coles Supermarkets. It is the perfect finish for salad dishes, and is the healthy, natural addition every Mediterranean salad needs!