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Helpful tips for reducing food waste


Play your part and start saving today with our tips for reducing food waste.

Being mindful with your own food waste results in less greenhouse gas emissions, in particular methane. It also saves on resources, such as landfill used to store waste, the transportation used to get it there and even lowers the manufacturing effects on the environment

And that’s just the beginning. 

Yes, reducing your households food waste is one way that you can do your bit for the environment. Here’s how! 

Buy only what you need, when you need it 

So much of our food waste begins at the supermarket. Over-buying at the checkout - especially fresh produce with a short shelf life - more often than not leads to food turning bad before we even have a chance to eat it. This results in a massive amount of food waste going straight to the rubbish bin. 

Turn your shopping habits around and shop smartBuy only small amounts of fresh produce - fruits, veggies, dairy and bakery goods. Buy only what you need at the present moment, for the next day or two. This way you can be sure you will lower your food waste. 

Another top tip? Do your grocery shop on a full stomach. There’s a psychological link between overbuying when hungry, so have a decent meal before heading to the shop! 

Store your food the right way

Another major reason why so much of our food goes to waste, in turn negatively impacting the environment, is how we store it. Leaving food uncovered or poorly wrapped obviously means it will spoil quicker

Invest in a range of good quality food storage solutions to ensure your favourite foods are safe and secure. Ziplock bags, Tupperware containers and jars are all great options - and it’s also a chance to buy new kitchen goods as well! 

Start composting 

If you have the space for it in your yard, starting a compost heap is a fantastic way to recycle your household food waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden at the same time! 

One of the many environmental benefits of a compost heap that has homeowners creating their own again is that it dramatically lowers the amount of household waste going to landfill. It’s really easy, hardly requires any watering and is also an educational opportunity for the little ones in your home to learn about the environment. 

This link has a great step-by-step guide on how to make compost

Learn to love leftovers

While some of us live for leftovers, others of us are less inclined to eat second (or third) day food. 

The next time you can’t decide between whipping up a whole new meal with all new ingredients or enjoying the leftovers stored in your fridge from last night’s dinner - opt for the latter. 

It will not only be more beneficial to the environment by reducing food waste, but it will also save your own energy at the end of a long day! 

Make meal prep fun 

Here on the La Española blog, we have previously discussed how preparing your meals ahead of time (or “meal prep” as the cool kids call it) can save you serious time and energy. What we didn’t discuss was the environmental benefits of planning your weekly food schedule. Planning and prepping your meals is also a great way to limit your outgoing household food waste and ensure you only purchase what you need. In addition, prepping gives you a chance to incorporate leftovers into the schedule, reducing food waste even further. 

Make it your own household mission to reduce your food waste and do your bit for the environment!​​​​​​​