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Eco-friendly exercise and how to workout mindfully


Eco-friendly fitness products are changing the way we sweat it out.

We regularly discuss on the La Española blog and social media channels how to transform your home - in particular your kitchen - into a sustainable oasis. But what about your workout space? 

Many traditional fitness products and clothing items are produced in a way that endangers the environment, in factories that are harmful to their workers. 

But the world is changing, and eco-friendly fitness products are changing the way we sweat it out in our own homes or at the gym. 

From natural deodorants to energy-generating equipment and environmentally mindful exercise items, we’ve broken down the small changes you can make to your workout that will change the world around you for the better.

Stretch sustainably 

Yoga is all about synchronicity between mind, body and spirit, so why not extend your yoga routine to the mat as well? After all, traditional rubber, plastic and PVC yoga mats are very harmful to the environment. More and more yoga brands are now creating products that are not only durable and stylish, but eco-friendly as well. These brands are switching to products made from biodegradable and recycled materials, such as natural tree rubber that has been sustainably sourced and recycled plastic bottles. Some mindful yoga brands, like Manduka, have even taken their action a step further and with each purchase, offer to recycle your old mat into other products that support developing countries. 

Earth friendly threads 

It’s hard not to find a clothing brand these days that isn’t beginning to offer sustainable clothing, and activewear brands are at the forefront. Treat yourself to a new activewear wardrobe, with items made from recycled materials as well as natural plant-based fabrics, such as cotton or linen. 

In addition, you should look for brands that not only create workout clothing with eco-friendly materials, but also produce them in a way that benefits the world around them and protects the rights of their employees

Beat the stink with natural deodorant 

We are all becoming more conscious of both the food we put into our bodies, but what we apply to our bodies as well. Natural deodorant offerings are flooding the global market, as more people wise up to the effects of regular deoderant’s primary ingredient - aluminium. Long term aluminium deodorant use leads to your body being reliant on it to beat sweat and odour, and can actually help bacteria grow tenfold. Natural deodorants are aluminium-free and contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, which act as an antibacterial agent. After using it for a while, you’ll notice your pits smell better for longer and you’ll feel all the better for using a natural body product. 

Mindful fitness equipment 

Whether you have a home gym or run an actual gym, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now invest in earth-conscious fitness equipment that will benefit the world around you. One such revolutionary product is energy-generating equipment. Energy-generating gym equipment is available in the form of exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and step machines, and actually converts the energy from the user sweating it out into electricity. You can then use this output to offset your gym or home’s power usage. In addition, there are now products like recycled rubber gym mats to transform your gym into a sustainable fitness haven. 

Have a ball while being environmentally conscious 

Exercise balls are brilliant for building core strength, and if a fitness ball is central to your own workout routine, you should consider switching to one of the many environmentally mindful ones out there. There are now fitness balls available that are made from materials such as cork, recycled and non-toxic materials. These replace the materials of old, such as latex and toxic phthalate. 

If you’re inspired to start working out in one of these eco-friendly ways, we recommend doing your research and sourcing your products from a trusted retailer with evidence to back up their sustainable journey. 

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