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DIY home decor ideas using your La Española Olive Oil bottle


We show you 5 easy ways to repurpose your olive oil bottle or tin into home additions.

Your bottle of La Española Olive Oil adds so much to your culinary prowess, so why let the fun end there? When your bottle or tin is empty and you’re due to open a fresh new one, don’t throw it in the recycling bin just yet!

Upcycling is all the rage in home decor and design circles, and not only helps in lowering waste, but is a fun way to create one-off, special pieces for your home or chosen space. 

This week on the blog, we show you five easy ways to repurpose your olive oil bottle or tin into professional-quality home additions.

1) Upcycled home storage

Whether it’s your pantry, linen cupboard, wardrobe or bathroom cabinet, we could all do with being a little more organised. La Española’s range of tins are an excellent receptacle for whipping your space into an ultra-organised dream. Once your current tin is empty, simply use a knife designed for metal cutting and slice the front face out of the tin. Now soak and scrub the inside thoroughly and once dry, and ta-da! You have a new storage box or drawer, perfect for housing a range of household items. Some ideas on how to utilise your new olive oil storage box include storing tinned goods such as tuna, hair accessories and products, makeup or simply keeping that “junk drawer” more in order. It’s important to file the edges of the open side down, as this can be quite sharp!

Fancy repurposing your bottle instead? Soak the label off and use your clean and empty bottle for storing rice or grains. Add some pretty labels for maximum organisation points!

2) Stunning lighting for your space

Finishing a bottle of La Española Olive Oil is easily done, but next time that last drop is used up, upcycle the empty bottle into a magical light for your space. Fairy lights encased in bottles are popular decor items found in a number of big-name stores, but create your own on a budget and you’ll save a fortune. Simply purchase some thin LED string lights in gold or silver that run on batteries from your nearest dollar store or chain retailer. Feed them into your empty olive oil bottle until you are left with a small length of cord left and the power switch. 

Voila! You have a beautiful, gentle light addition to a bedside table, dining table centrepiece or for your next garden party. You’ll adore your new decor piece so much we are sure you’ll end up making quite a few!

3) Simple home decor

It may sound too simple to be true, but simply using your empty La Española Olive Oil bottle as a decor addition in its own right is a simple, attractive addition to any space. 

Start by removing our label. Soak in hot water and scrub off. Still got pesky residue left behind? Olive oil (or any oil-based product) is the best way to remove sticky labels - we told you it’s an all rounder!

Take your bare bottle and use as a vase for a few pretty flowers that can be placed on your dining table or coffee table. There’s no need to invest in a pricey vase when the answer is in your pantry! If you are feeling particularly creative, painting your bottle to match your own home decor is easy and quick!

4) Eye-catching jewellery

Are you always drawn to unique, quirky jewellery? Make your own using your empty La Española tin. Use a metal cutting device to slice out interesting sections of the face of the tin to create an earring size of your choosing. We recommend using part of La Señora’s face (our brand’s Spanish lady) or part of the olive tree behind her for two striking designs. Next, puncture a small hole in the top centre of your pieces of tin and thread through simple jewellery ear hooks. There you have it - your new favourite addition to your jewellery collection. With online artisans creating these eco-friendly jewellery designs and selling them for a pretty penny, you’ve not only saved money but created a one off pair nobody else has. Win win!

5) A rustic hanging planter

Gardening is a great opportunity to relax and be at one with nature, while watching the seeds you plant grow into something wonderful. Hanging planters are particularly popular with plant enthusiasts, and are a great space-saving option. Ensure your entire indoor or outdoor garden is eco-friendly and upcycled by using your empty La Española tin as a planter. Simply cut out the top of the tin (the part with the opening), and fill with soil and your plant of choice. Our tins are the perfect size to create unique planters for growing veggies, succulents and even flowers. Put the feelers out for friends and family to donate their next empty olive oil tin to your collection, and before long you’ll have a rustic, Spanish-inspired wall of nature.