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5 sustainable Australian food brands to check out this year


Here is our top list of the best sustainable brands across Australia.

We recently listed 10 of the best sustainable brands across the globe that are contributing to a brighter future for all, but this week on the blog we are keeping things a little more local and focusing on our favourite thing - food! 

These five sustainable Australian food companies are trailblazers Down Under, offering a range of food products that are sourced and produced mindfully. We can’t wait to see what they do next! 


República’s website states “We are here to be the most ethical food brand in Australia.” And that’s what we like to hear! The ethical coffee company is rapidly making a name for itself as a leading supplier of organic and fair trade coffee, and it's all thanks to its entrepreneurial founder Jacqueline Arias. República has won many awards, most notably being named “Australia's Number 1* Organic Coffee Company!”. 

Browse República’s range of ethical coffee products here. 

Three Mills Bakery 

Canberra’s Three Mills Bakery is an Australian-owned food company that produces their own in-house flour from only the best sustainable, ethical and organic local products. They are conscious of their environmental footprint and have put waste management, delivery and operations in place that aim to minimise their impact on the world around them. They have even released a cookbook, which you can purchase on their website. 

Learn more about Three Mills Bakery and order some scrumptious baked goods here. 


Sydney loose leaf tea company Tippity is carving out a name for itself as a top sustainable retailer of teas, spices, fruits and herbs. The entire end-to-end production process is carefully monitored to uphold only the most ethical standards. Foreign tea plantations are carefully selected for their facilities and employee treatment, which is contributing to the development of many communities in South Africa and India. Tippity is stocked by a large range of retailers across Australia, and it's fantastic to see a mindful company thrive! 

Check out Tippity’s range of tea and tea wares here

Hey Tiger 

Melbourne’s Hey Tiger is taking major steps in repairing the image of the international cocoa industry, which has been at the forefront of accusations of unethical operations for a long time. The Aussie chocolate company sources cocoa from only the most employee-friendly farms, which prioritise the health and fair payment of workers. Hey Tiger also supports The Hunger Project in Ghana, which provides additional support to cocoa farming families and communities. This young Australian startup deserves all the attention it can get - so support them by buying their delicious chocolates through their website. 

Satisfy your ethical sweet tooth on the Hey Tiger website

Beechworth Honey

If you love nothing more than a generous drizzle of honey on your morning toast (don’t we all!), you should be supporting Australian beekeepers who don’t compromise on quality. That’s where Victoria’s Beechworth Honey comes in. Pesticide free and safer than imported honey, Beechworth Honey is 100% natural, organic and palm oil free. The entirely Australian owned and operated company utilises the knowledge of four generations of beekeepers to not only create the best honey, but to drive initiatives that counteract the threat climate change poses on bees. Their “Bee Cause” raises funds to plant bee habitats across Victoria and New South Wales, protect bees, and raise awareness about the unethical “fake honey” that is regularly imported into Australia. 

Purchase from Beechworth Honey’s range of honey, gifts, beauty products and so much more on their website

Stocking your pantry with food products that uphold the highest sustainable and ethical practices is a fantastic way to do your bit for the future of our planet. Dig in!