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5 eco-friendly ways to stay cool this summer


Staying cool and content is of primary importance to our health and happiness.

It’s late January and in Australia we are hitting the hottest part of summer, when the heat is affecting many of us.

Whether you can’t stand summer or you live for it, we can all agree that staying cool and content is of primary importance to our health and our happiness during scorching hot days

Many of our homes aren’t equipped with powerful air-conditioners, or we simply prefer to find cheaper and more green ways to stay cool at a time when energy consumption is at its peak. 

The team at La Española Olive Oil got together and recommended five of the best eco-friendly tips for staying cool during the long, hot summer

1. Choose fans over A/C when you can

Not all of us are blessed with air conditioning, and so the peak of summer can be a very trying time for many. But for those of us with A/C, summer can also mean quite a shock when the power bill arrives. Whether you’re trying to use the air conditioner less to save money or to take the pressure off the grid and to be more green, there are options to stay cool. Fans use less power and there are turbo options available that will give you the relief from the heat you’re seeking. A handy hint to replicate the cool of the A/C is to put a bowl of ice or ice water in front of your fan and tilt it slightly so that the air glides over the top of the ice and onto you. While it isn’t exactly the powerful hit of cold air an air conditioner provides, it is a budget-friendly and greener alternative. 

2. Turn off technology that generates heat

All of the gadgets and tech items throughout your home, when left on, generate heat that add to that uncomfortable sticky feeling indoors during summer. If you’re not using them, switch off these items to alleviate some of the heat in your home. This includes televisions (which emit serious heat), computers and even kitchen appliances. On that note, try to avoid using your oven and stove on the hottest days. They can quickly take your home from a cool oasis to a sweltering hotspot. 

3. Close up your home before the heat hits 

The night before - or early on the morning of - a scorching summer day, go about your house checking off some heat-proofing musts. Close the curtains (blackout blinds are one of the best summer investments), the windows and doors and with any cracks where heat can sneak in, use a door snake as a block. Most of the heat in a home during summer comes from your windows, so prevention is key. If your windows and doors have cracks or seal issues or the glass is old and thin, think about getting them fixed. When the heat passes, open your home up to let go of the trapped heat. Not only are these simple and popular ways to keep your home cool without A/C, but they are environmentally friendly too

4. Focus on keeping your body cool 

One of the best pieces of advice we have heard in regards to staying cool during summer is to focus less on your environment and more on your body. In short, keep your focus on finding ways to cool your body as it’s often a lot easier than keeping the space around you cold. Stock up on ice packs and apply them to your pulse points when hot - the neck and the wrists are the primary places experts say to focus on. Fill a bucket with cold water and ice and soak your feet in it to draw the heat out of your body. Keep towels and washcloths in the fridge or freezer and drape them over you or opt for a cool shower. However, studies have shown a warmer shower actually keeps you cooler than a ice cold shower - who knew! 

There’s even bandanas and wrist bands available that are designed to keep you cool. 

There’s many ways to focus on keeping your body cool and content during summer! 

5. Wear appropriate summer clothing 

Following on from our previous point, another top tip to stay cool during summer is to revamp your wardrobe and opt for natural fabrics that will keep you comfortable, whether at home or on the go. The best materials to wear during summer are linen, cotton, rayon and chambray, the worst are acrylic, nylon, polyester, vinyl and other man-made fabrics. Choose soft, loose and flowing clothes that won’t irritate or confine you. The best fabrics for summer are also the most eco-friendly too

These are just a few of so many top tips to stay cool during summer. Do your own research and you’ll find many unique and easy ways to keep you and your family cool as cucumbers during this hot Australian summer.