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10 eco-friendly Aussie Instagram accounts to inspire and aspire to


Sustainable Influencers have become a reality!

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform to generate interest from like-minded people across the globe. It’s full of individuals and organisations with a passion for environmental conservation and protection of our planet, and a terrific place to find inspiration to join the eco-friendly movement yourself. 

Whether you’re taking on the world from the comfort of your home through waste reduction and reducing your family’s environmental footprint, or thinking even bigger, we’re showcasing 10 epic Aussie eco-friendly Instagram profiles to follow to kick off your own journey. 

1. The Kind Guide 

The negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment is vast and constant. Thankfully, more and more brands are jumping aboard the sustainability train, and creating products that are produced in an ethical way that minimises their impact on the people and environment around them. 

Creator of The Kind Guide, Melburnian Samee Lapham, created the guide to make it easier for consumers to find the best brands in ethical and sustainable fashion from across the globe. It’s all there in one place for lovers of eco-friendly retailers. Check it out! 

Follow on Instagram@thekindguide

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2. Bush Heritage

Bush Heritage Australia are taking real, tangible action on Aussie shores to preserve our beautiful bush. The not-for-profit works alongside indigenous communities to buy land and preserve it (and its native flora and fauna) for the long-term. 

As of 2019, they are conserving over 11 million hectares of land across Australia, which is directly protecting over 6000 plant and animal species, of which 243 are endangered. 

Follow on Instagram@bushheritageaus

Learn how you can help this priceless

3. The Green Hub

The Green Hub is your go-to Instagram for everyday, achievable tips on living a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. From ethical fashion and beauty tips to reducing your own plastic consumption, Kira Simpson educates her followers while inspiring them to join the movement to save our beautiful planet. 

There’s lots of helpful information for all ages, genders and areas of interest, and you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new every day


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4. Travel For Difference 

Doing your best to minimise your environmental impact while travelling is just as important as protecting the environment while we are on home soil.

“Eco Australian” Kate started Travel for Difference to shine a light on conscious travel and wildlife conservation, and regularly posts and blogs about her international crusade. Her travel photographs from across the globe are simply beautiful and will make you want to book a ticket and do the same. 


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5. Sustainable Table

Aussie not-for-profit Sustainable Table shines a spotlight on the issue of the inhumane and destructive side of the food and agriculture industry

Their profile is chock-full of information on reducing food and household waste, tips on going-plastic free and becoming a composting expert, and some excellent culinary inspiration too. Make a pledge to make your own table as sustainable as it can be and reap the benefits.


Make your table

6. ShareWaste

A genius initiative, ShareWaste allows everyday Australians to connect with their local community to “share their waste”.

Have you got a compost heap that needs food scraps? ShareWaste has locals who have the food waste you need. Vice versa, it connects locals with waste with individuals and organisations that can use them in a sustainable way. It’s all about joining together to make a difference. 


Connect with your community

7. Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca has many feathers in her cap. She’s a published author, cook, teacher, presenter, off-the-grid liver and self-proclaimed “waste warrior.”

Her Instagram has thousands of followers who love her daily dose of environmentally friendly and natural home encouragement and inspiration from her beautiful base in the Clare Valley of South Australia. 


Learn more about Rebecca’s

8. Sophie’s Patch

You may recognise Sophie Thomson from her presenter role on Gardening Australia, but in her down time, she's also a prolific environmental warrior and community educator

The Sophie’s Patch Instagram feed will take you across Australia to pockets of the country that are doing their bit for the planet, with a generous injection of gorgeous plant inspiration too! 


Join Sophie’s

9. Dirtgirl

Aussie gem Dirtgirl has been broadcast to over 128 countries in her TV presenter role, and spends her days educating the masses on how they too can be a “gumboot wearing eco warrior.”

Dirtgirl is fun and friendly, and her profile is a much-needed dose of colour on your Instagram feed. She works tirelessly, putting particular emphasis on educating children and young adults on how to live more sustainably and humanely


Be the change alongside Dirtgirl

10. Damon Gameau

Recognisable Aussie actor and filmmaker Damon Gameau works hard in the environmental protection space, and has multiple presences online dedicated to his different causes. 

He’s wrapped up making 2040, a film that puts a firm focus on how we need to act on environmentally preservation right now. He’s also the face behind That Sugar Movement, an educational tool with nutrition at its core. 

Follow@damon.gameau , @2040film and @thatsugarmovement 

Pick up your copy of 2040 now:

Do you have a similar eco-friendly Aussie Instagram profile you want to promote the cause of? Head to La Española’s own profile and let us know!