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10 big brands that are embracing sustainable practices


We've outlined 10 brands that are tackling the climate crisis head on.

It’s no secret that it is primarily big businesses across the world that leave the most tremendous impact on the environment. Through the manufacturing and production of the brands we all use in our homes, the damage they can leave behind is vast and destructive

The tide has turned and some of the most recognisable household names in the world are making big changes in the name of saving the planet

Many big businesses hold themselves accountable for their promises of sustainability growth by releasing annual reports detailing their progress.  

This week on the La Española blog, we’re shining a spotlight on the ways 10 household names of industry are taking on the environmental crisis head on

1. Apple 

World headquarters: Cupertino, California, USA 

The last decade has seen technology superbrand Apple implement many sustainable and eco-friendly changes within their company. Many Apple facilities are now powered entirely by renewable energy, they have removed many toxic substances from the manufacturing process and lots of their products are now made with recycled materials. They’ve even introduced the Apple Trade In system which minimises old phone models going to landfill and instead allows them to serve a greater purpose. It all seems to have worked, as even Greenpeace now calls Apple the most environmentally friendly technology company in the world

Learn more about how Apple is making a difference on their website.

2. Google

World headquarters: Mountain View, California, USA 

Online search giant Google has always been applauded for its environmental mindfulness. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t always planning new and bigger ways to save the planet. They’ve recently taken their eco-friendly measures a step further and invested $2.5 billion into renewable energy, along with research into forest and ocean conservation. On the home front, Google are ensuring food and energy waste is kept to a minimum on their many global campuses. 

You can read more about Google’s sustainability pledge on their website.

3. Adidas 

World headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany

The fashion industry leaves an immensely negative impact on the environment, and megabrand Adidas not only recognises this, but is making major changes to their processes to minimise their own impact. Just a few of the steps they’ve taken? Adidas regularly conduct environmental audits on their material suppliers worldwide, have dramatically reduced material, water and hazardous materials use, started using eco-friendly and ethical materials in their products and are supporters of many UN Climate Change initiatives. Just a few years ago, Adidas made history by introducing the use of ocean plastic in their footwear

The steps Adidas have taken to be more sustainable are lengthy. Read up on Adidas’ environmental progress on their website

4. Ford Motor Company 

World headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Few industries cause more direct damage to the environment than the automobile sector, but thankfully Ford Motor Company is paving the way for more car manufacturers to go green. Their vehicle interiors now utilise sustainable fabrics and if you own a Ford Focus or Ford Escape model, delight in the fact that 80% of your vehicle is recyclable! They’ve also overhauled their entire fleet to be more fuel efficient, and the paint fumes of their factories are recycled as fuel. Ford has won many awards for its sustainable practices, and we can only hope more giants of the auto industry join the revolution. 

Learn more about how Ford is doing their bit to save the planet on their website.

5. Ben & Jerry’s 

World headquarters : South Burlington, Vermont, USA

Don’t feel guilty indulging in that sweet Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream treat at the end of a long day. After all, the brand is working in leaps and bounds to reverse the negative impact they have on the world around them. Their packaging is responsibly sourced and eco-friendly, they have introduced innovative ways to combat their cattle’s methane gas footprint on the environment, they contribute many hours to drawing attention to global warming and climate change and they work with communities across the globe in reforestation. Ben and Jerry’s also have a super high level audit certification for environmental sustainability and employee rights and their parent company, Unilever, is in the world's top 10 most sustainable companies.  So go on, eat that ice-cream guilt-free!  

Read Ben and Jerry’s sustainability Mission Statement on their website

6. Garnier

World headquarters: Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Next time you wash your hair with your favourite Garnier product, you can feel peace of mind that the beauty industry leader is moving with the times and becoming more environmentally friendly. By the end of 2019, they have vowed to dramatically reduce their plastic use across their Sleek & Shine range, committing to using 100% recycled materials. They have also removed 100% of PVC from all packaging across all Garnier products and have partnered with green leaders TerraCycle for expert direction on minimising waste. The other leaders of the beauty and cosmetics industry still have a long way to go to be entirely eco-friendly and humane to animals, but we are proud to see the progress they are making. 

Educate yourself on what Garnier is doing to help the planet on their website.


World Headquarters: Leiden, Netherlands

Swedish furniture icon IKEA is a benchmark for how brand giants should approach the issue of eco-friendly practises. For years, they have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. 700,000 solar panels power thousands of IKEA stores worldwide, they only source their wood from sustainable foresting organisations, and their cotton is 100% sourced from suppliers that meet strict criteria for low waste, water, energy and chemical output. By 2020, IKEA has pledged to be powered entirely by renewable energy. The next time you’re getting frustrated putting together that IKEA flat pack furniture, remind yourself that they are saving the environment - one flat pack at a time!

Check out IKEA’s world leading sustainability practises on their website.

8. Coca-Cola

World headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Few beverage brands are more recognisable or widely-loved than Coca-Cola, and it’s good to know that the soft drink giant is playing a large part in giving back to the world around us. In Australia alone, Coke is committed to using recyclable packaging and plastic in 70% of its products manufactured Down Under, and plans to eliminate their annual runoff into the Great Barrier Reef

By 2020, they aim to sustainably source all materials and ingredients, reduce their carbon footprint by 25%, return to communities the amount of water they take out and reach 98% supplier compliance in regards to human and workplace rights.  
Stay up to date with Coca-Cola’s plans to be a leader in sustainable practises on their website.

9. T2 

World headquarters: Melbourne, Australia 

There’s nothing better than a strong brew, but that afternoon cuppa is so much more enjoyable when you know it comes from an environmentally conscious brand. Australia’s leading tea retailer, T2, is well and truly on the sustainability bandwagon, and has big plans for its future. By the end of this year, T2 aims to have “100% certified sustainably sourced tea [and teawares].” By the end of 2020, they will extend their green approach, ensuring all of their packaging and consumables are “reusable, recyclable or compostable.” Incredible work guys! 

Learn more about T2’s plans to go entirely green on their website.

10. Westpac 

World headquarters: Sydney, Australia 

Australia’s Westpac Banking Corp has made the list of the worlds 100 most sustainable companies compiled annually by Corporate Knights Global. In fact, they’ve made the list 5 times, including this year when they came in at an impressive 18th place. The banking leader has made huge strides in reducing their corporate carbon footprint and supporting and financing new and innovative eco-friendly businesses

Explore Westpac’s environmental ethos on their website.

Did any of these companies surprise you with their sustainable practises? What is your favourite brand that embraces a green agenda? Head over to our social media channels and shout out the businesses that are changing the world and protecting the planet!