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Studies show the Mediterranean diet is the way to go!


We encourage you to discover the many benefits of including the Mediterranean diet in your lifestyle.

There’s so much buzz around the Mediterranean Diet at the moment, and unlike fat diets that usually fizzle out quickly, our favourite diet is here to stay!

Mediterranean cultures have spoken of the benefits of this lifestyle for generations, and great thinkers and philosophers even touched on the benefits of olive oil, arguably a central element of the Mediterranean diet, thousands of years ago. 

Now, modern day studies are finding what we in Spain already new for a long time - that the Mediterranean Diet ticks all the boxes for overall physical and mental health benefits. 

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the stats (and the studies) to prove it!

A step towards good heart health

We have blogged in the past about how following the Mediterranean Diet can be a life-saving step towards a healthy heart - and there are many professional studies out there to back this up!

A random study conducted by a Spanish clinic recently found that those who lived by the Mediterranean Diet “saw a reduction in the rate of major cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes by nearly 30 percent compared with a control group eating a low-fat diet.”

A British study found that the diet was more effective than statins at combating heart disease and “cut the chances of early death by 37 per cent.”

A natural depression fighter

Depression and anxiety is all too common in today’s society where stressors are around every corner, and everyone leads fast-paced, hectic lives. 

A study at Australia’s Deakin University has found that the Mediterranean Diet can be highly effective at combating mood disorders and depression

The university placed a trial group on the diet for 12 weeks, and “reported a significant improvement in their mood and symptoms.”

If you needed a sign to dive into the Mediterranean Diet with vigour, this is it! Eat up!

An effective brain booster

Another clinical trial held by the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, a department of the University of Barcelona, has found that our favourite diet can “counteract the effects of aging on the brain’s ability to function.” 

On top of improved cognitive function, the study also found that the Mediterranean Diet should be a first line of defence in fighting off the onset of dementia

We told you that the Mediterranean Diet is an impressive force to be reckoned with - and these studies are just a sample of the medical proof pouring in from all over the world. 

Ready to get on the right track to overall physical and mental health? Well, it all starts in the pantry!

Pick up some La Española Olive Oil at your nearest Coles supermarket, have a read of our Mediterranean Diet and olive oil-centric food blog, and start living your healthiest life!