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Seville at a glance: the home of La Española Olive Oil


If you are visiting Spain, you just can’t go past a visit to the beautiful city of Seville.

Spain has always been a hotspot within Western Europe, drawing both intrigued backpackers and luxury travellers to its shores for many years. 

Whether exploring the bustling streets of the capital of Madrid, living it up on the party islands of Ibiza or Majorca, taking in exceptional architecture in artsy Barcelona or indulging in authentic Spanish fare in a tiny, quaint town on your travels - Spain has something to offer anyone and everyone.

If you are visiting Spain, however, you just can’t go past a visit to the beautiful city of Seville (Sevilla to us!).

Not only is the largest city in the region of Andalusia and the proud home of La Española Olive Oil, but it also world-famous for its picturesque landscapes, slow-paced Mediterranean lifestyle and historical sights. 

Let’s take you there…

The history of Seville

Historians state that the city of Seville dates back as far as 2,200 years ago, so by walking the stunning streets of the city, you are indeed walking through an important slice of Spanish history

Originally under the rule of the Roman Empire, many Roman landmarks and sights still exist today - including remnants of aquaducts, temples and the columns of the La Alameda de Hércules - the oldest public garden in all of Europe! Although rules by many empires in its history, Seville is a truly Spanish destination locals are proud of.

What to see in Seville

Seville continues to be a must-see on the well-worn European traveller route

For historical architecture enthusiasts, the fortress of Alcázar has to be seen to be believed. It was built during the 1300’s during the Dark Ages and stands strong today. UNESCO even lists it as a World Heritage Site

Always hunting to historical art to take in? The Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes houses some exceptional Spanish masterpieces. Prefer new art? Check out the all-new CaixaForum Sevilla, home to modern art exhibitions, concerts, and children's activities. 

Love just watching the world go by? Sitting by the Guadalquivir river, which runs through the city, is a simple but peaceful way to really absorb what Seville has to offer. A picnic with some local Andalusian olives, tapas treats and Spanish wine caps off the perfect day in the Spanish city. 

Visiting Seville should be an important part of any travellers schedule. With its picture-perfect scenery, warm climate, friendly locals and slow-paced lifestyle, why wouldn’t it be?