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Benefits of Spray Oil


Spray olive can be found in the pantry of almost every foodie in Australia

Spray olive can be found in the pantry of almost every foodie in Australia. It’s more and more common to use spray olive oil to easily and uniformly coat frying pans, baking trays and deep dishes with little fuss. 

But is spray olive oil safe? And what exactly are the benefits of using spray olive oil? 

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Safe? 

Yes! A good quality extra virgin olive oil spray is completely safe.

It’s understandable to look at a new spray format of dispensing olive with sceptical eyes, we are so used to glugging the beautiful golden oil over our dishes (and there’s nothing wrong with that ⁠— in moderation). Perhaps over the years, we’ve learnt to be wary of anything in a spray format for its adverse health effects and environmental issues (such as spray deodorants and hairspray etc.). 

But, of course when it comes to spray olive oil it contains none of the harmful chemicals found in some cosmetic sprays. 

What is in La Española Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil? 

La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 100% Spanish olive oil. All of our high quality oil is made from 100% Spanish olives that are completely grown, harvested and bottled in Spain. 

There are absolutely no additives, chemicals or preservatives in our spray olive oil and it is completely aerosol-free and propellent-free so you know that when you reach for your La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray you’re only using high quality Spanish olives and nothing more. 

What is the Nutritional Information for Spray Olive Oil?

Not all spray olive oils are made equally. Naturally, the highest quality spray olive oil is extra virgin olive oil (just like traditional olive oil) and our olive at La Española is additive, chemical, and preservative-free. 

Here is the nutritional value of our spray olive oil: 

Nutritional information (per 100ml) extra virgin spray olive oil:

Energy: 811 kcal / 3390 kJ
Saturated Fat: 12.8 G
Monounsaturated: 70.5 G
Polyunsaturated: 8.2 G
Trans:< 0.1 G
Cholesterol: 0 MG
Carbohydrates: 0 G
Proteins: 0 G
Salt: 0 G

Aerosol and propellant-free. 

What Are the Benefits of Cooking with a Quality Olive Oil Spray? 

As we can see form the nutritional value of our spray olive oil, a quality extra virgin is very low in undesirable saturated fat and high in health-positive monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (which can help reduce bad cholesterol levels and can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke). 

 Of course, as with any food, moderation is key. And if you are looking to reduce the amount of calories and fat in your diet, spray olive oil is a fantastic alternative to the classic method of pouring olive oil on your dishes and salads. 

Olive oil spray helps us to reduce the amount of oil we use in our food by providing a consistent and equal amount of oil over the desired area (such as a baking dish or frying pan). The constituent coating of oil allows foodies like you to use less oil than traditional methods. 

If the focus is to reduce your calorie or fat intake then our top tip is to only use the spray feature for 3-4 seconds which would only amount to around 12-15 calories! 

Spray, Stream, Drip. Olive Oil All-Rounder

So what’s so special about La Española Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Not only is our olive made from 100% Spanish olives, harvested and grown with love in our orchards, our new spray olive oil features an innovative no-clog, triple-action cap which allows you to spray, stream or drip your olive oil over your dishes! This means you effectively get three ways to cook and create in the one bottle!

If you need to coat your dishes and reduce your calorie intake, simply use the spray feature to get a uniformed and easy coating. 

Want a more traditional way of pouring extra virgin olive oil over your salads or dishes? Use the stream feature! 

Adding the finishing touches to your perfect and delicious creation? The drip function is the ideal way to accurately add splashes of extra virgin olive oil to your dishes! 

Another huge benefit to our spray olive oil is there is no light light or air degradation meaning the poil will keep its flavour and freshness for longer! 

La Española Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Tips

As we’ve mentioned, our olive oil spray is a fantastic all-rounder and is certainly a must-have in your pantry for all number of cooking creations. Here is how we recommend using our spray olive oil in your cooking: 

Perfect for Low and Medium Heat Cooking (stir-fry or baking) 160ºC
Smoking Point 160ºC
Ideal for using as a marinade and for dressings, grilling and baking (especially for coating baking dishes, cupcake dishes and frying pans)
+200 sprays inside
1 spray ≤ 4Kcal

Your Kitchen Super Hero With All New Superpowers! 

The very same 100% Spanish Olive Oil that you know, love, and trust has a fresh new look with an innovative triple-action, no-clog cap making for a versatile and mess-free way of cooking and creating. 

Keep an eye out for our Extra Virgin Spray Olive Oil only at your local Coles Supermarket! 

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