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A day in the life on the Mediterranean diet


We are breaking down an example of a day in the life on the Mediterranean diet for you.

Here at La Española, we talk a lot about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. After all, it’s our bread and butter - so to speak!

We have discussed its benefits, how it can aid in developing good digestive health, but we have yet to take our blog readers through exactly what the lifestyle change looks like

This week, we are breaking down an example of a day in the life on the Mediterranean diet for you, so you can see for yourself just how the diet hits the spot with each and every meal.


Rise and shine! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the old adage says. After all, it activates your metabolism and kickstarts your day when done the right way.

One of the foundations of the Mediterranean diet is a healthy amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, so whiz up a breakfast smoothie that will be sure to fill you up and give you endless energy. Low-fat yoghurt, honey, oats and a mixture of fruits all blended together make for a healthy and delicious way to start your day. 

Still hungry? An omelette with fresh tomato is a protein hit you will love. Olive oil is a big part of Mediterranean breakfasts, so be sure to integrate this into your eggs for a low-fat, natural alternative to butter


You’ve made it to lunchtime, and you are probably feeling a little peckish, with that filling breakfast having done the trick until this point. 

Lunch on the Mediterranean diet is so varied, you’ll never get bored. We love whole grains, so a lunch consisting of a yummy whole grain sandwich, jam-packed with vegetables such as fresh lettuce, tomato and onion. The diet also promotes white meats and seafood in moderation, so add a little chicken breast or tasty tuna to spice up your grain and veggie-heavy lunch. 

Afternoon snack

Has that mid-afternoon slump hit, and you need a little pick-me-up to see you through? No problem! 

Mediterranean diet lovers never restrict themselves from eating when pesky hunger pangs strike. If you are between main meals, mixed nuts make for a great snack that is filling and energy-fuelling. Feeling a little naughty? We promote the enjoyment of treats in moderation, so a few squares of delicious dark chocolate will perk you up, while promoting good heart health. 


You’ve made it to dinner, and you haven’t had to restrict yourself from your foodie favourites once! We Mediterraneans love dinner time, as it is a chance to sit down and enjoy a relaxing, hearty dinner with our nearest and dearest

Dinner options on the Mediterranean diet are truly endless. Grilled chicken with a plate full of fresh vegetables, pizza topped with olives, tomato and cheese, salmon with brown rice or a beautiful tuna pie are just the beginning of dinners you will enjoy. Olive oil, again, is a mandatory natural addition to most Mediterranean dinners, so don’t be afraid to enjoy a generous dollop of this beautiful liquid. 

Some more good news? We sing the praises of a robust glass of Spanish red wine, with its proven health benefits, with dinner. 

The Mediterranean diet is all about enjoying filling, delicious and healthy meals, while never restricting yourself from your favourites. 

Ready to take the plunge and make the lifestyle switch full-time? La Española’s website is chock-full of inspiring Mediterranean recipes, meal ideas and proof of just why our way of life is the best way!