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5 ways to improve your breakfast buffet with olive oil


We've come up with some ideas to include olive oil to your breakfasts in a creative way.

Olive oil is the perfect counterpart to so many dishes that fit into our three square meal categories each day - plus dessert of course! However, there is arguably no better time than to utilise olive oil than breakfast time

Whether you are an early bird who loves taking their time whipping up a glorious brekky buffet, or a late sleeper who finds themselves rushing in the morning, these five ways to use olive oil with breakfast are a great way to make the most important meal of the day healthier and tastier!

1) Cook the perfect eggs 

When you’re prepping your stove to fry your protein-packed morning eggs, you probably instinctively reach for butter or margarine to grease your frying pan. 
However, by simply switching out this fatty fridge staple for a good quality olive oil, you’ll find your fried eggs have a lovely, crispy edge, are less likely to burn and are overall for healthy. We recommend using La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil as it has a high smoking point - making it an egg-cellent alternative to butter!

2) Liven up yoghurt

Yoghurt is a popular, nutritious breakfast food that is quick and easy to prepare and consume - especially when you are pressed for time in the morning. Adding a drizzle of olive oil to your favourite probiotic-packed yoghurt adds a great taste kick, whilst also adding additional healthy fats to your already-healthy brekky. 

3) Make your oats more exciting

Throughout the warmer months you may be partial to a big bowl of fruity muesli for breakfast, while as the cooler weather sets in a bowl of porridge may hit the spot. 
Regardless of your morning tastes, oats can get a little monotonous at times, and that dollop of butter you are accustomed in your porridge isn’t doing you any favours! 
Instead, add a splash of the unexpected to your porridge or oatmeal by swapping butter or margarine out for extra virgin olive oil. For muesli or granola, adding a drizzle of the good stuff works just as well!

4) A healthy alternative for your toast

Slept in and only have time for a quick slice of toast before you’re out the door? There’s still time to improve this reliable breakfast option!  Instead of lathering your toast with butter or margarine, just spread a layer of extra virgin olive oil over your favourite toasted bread instead! This perks up the taste, is great on its own, and you can rest assured you’ve made a healthy choice even when pressed for time!

5) Fluffy pancakes coming up!

There’s few breakfasts more enjoyable than a yummy stack of pancakes, and while these are generally viewed as a naughty treat that should be reserved for lazy Sunday mornings, there are ways to make them even fluffier and tastier - with olive oil of course! light olive oil is a nutritious way to grease your frying pan, as well as being a terrific alternative to butter when preparing your actual pancake mix

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, but implementing olive oil where you can into your favourite brekky dishes is sure to put you in good stead (and give you optimum energy) to see you through the day!